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General Contracting

Heartwood Contracting is a full service design & build firm in Peterborough. We will work off of existing architectural plans or will work with you to produce construction drawings.


References from recent clients as well as site tours of past projects are available upon request.


With the same focus on craftmanship and attention to detail that began with furniture & cabinetry, new-build design and contracting has been a natural extension of our skills here at Heartwood.  Our established relationships with local engineers, material suppliers, and trades people we trust ensures that your project stays on schedule & budget, and that every aspect of the build exceeds your expectations of quality and service.  


Avoiding common problems in the construction phase of a build comes from a focus on  planning, organization & communication in the design phase.  Working with Heartwood, you will never feel rushed or pressured to make quick design or material decision. We take time to understand your needs and preferences for your renovation or new build. Our comprehensive knowledge of the Ontario building Code combined with a keen sense of good design allow us to guide your initial concept to a successful completion.

Highlights of our Design & Build process are below:

Initial Consultation

  • Determine feasibility of proposed work based on site conditions.

  • Identify potential issues that could arise during the project and suggest measures to reduce these risks to budget and schedule.

Design & Pre-Construction Planning

  • Multiple meetings with the client allow for a thorough understanding of design objectives and allow for reflection on design/layout suggestions.

  • Create full renderings of building/renovation to allow the client to have a clear idea of how the design will translate into the completed project.

  • Utilize established relationships with local trades to negotiate best pricing. 

  • Completion of a detailed budget that is transparent and easy to understand.

  • Acquisition of all documents required for permit application (including complete architectural drawings)


  • Monitoring of sub-trades to ensure quality and correct execution of design.

  • Regular cleaning of construction site. 

  • Open communication with client to stay up to date on construction progress.

  • Identifying of potential cost saving measures.

  • Establishment of site-security and proper site first aid equipment. 


We are happy to meet with you for a free consultation, and to look at your potential renovation or new build site. 

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